RE: Super Inspector discusses pool inspection and common deficiencies found

Pool Inspection and common deficiencies found




 Blake Williams and Matt Kern discuss pool inspections

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Here is a general inspection process we (Super Inspector) perform for each pool and spa inspection.


  • Turn on the pool equipment and run continuously for 30 minutes for any type of inspection is performed like physical and visual.
  • Visually inspect for wet spots around the pool equipment and pool area for subsurface leaks.
  • Pool barrier location, height, gate etc…
  • Alarm of some kind at home door leading to the pool.
  • Pool deck slope and drainage around the pool area.
  • Flatwork and drainage
  • Cracks on surface, tiles and inside the pool walls.
  • Sealant between deck and coping
  • Drain cover damages
  • Loose and damaged decking, coping and grout
  • Missing covers
  • Scaling around pool tiles/ walls
  • Grounding at equipment
  • Lighting working and GFCI protected
  • Safety items – loose connections, bolts, ladders etc…
  • Skimmers cracked
  • Anti vortex covers on all drains and pressure equalizers.
  • Heaters, function, gas, leaks, rust etc…
  • Filter readings
  • Check operation of installed valve actuators.
  • Check operation of installed spa side controls.


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